Sorry, It has been awhile. Too much fun in Argentina!

Iguazu !
Iguazu !

First off I would like to apologize for taking so long to post here, I will try to post more often now that I am on my second half of my study abroad program. Since we last spoke quite a lot has happened here is a quick bulletin summary.

  • Right before we left to Iguazu it was Christians 21st birthday and us and some people from our programs went to dinner, it was all dandy until we paid and left, then suddenly out waiter waves us down and tells us that we were two hundred pesos short, which was a huge lie. Because we counted about 5 times. So we just paid the guy and vowed none of us would return there. Then we went to a bar and had one drink because the next day had to leave for Iguazu.
  • We went to one of the new seven natural wonders of the world, Iguazu Falls. One of the best trips ever. It was so amazing and gorgeous. The waterfalls were breathless, I was speechless when I first saw them. Pictures will be posted at the end of this post. (Such an amazing place definitely would recommend)
  • Then the day before we went River Parana and that river flows through Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. So we were between these three countries and it was so cool, we could see all of the three countries on a boat and we were about 100 feet away from each country. We were basically countryless for an hour or two. Had a lot of fun on that boat.
  • That all happened in a weekend, we flew there which was about a two hour flight, not bad.
  • Then we returned that Sunday evening. And began to prepare for midterms.
  • We then had school.
  • Then on a Friday we went for a whole day to the country Uruguay. It was such a relaxing trip. We saw the worlds largest pencil collection which was interesting… to say the least. Then we went to Colonia del Sacramento, a city in Uruguay. It was such a cute city and was facing the second widest river in the world which is Rio De La Plata. It was amazing, a bit chilly but nice. Relaxing to sit in front of the river and feel the breeze.
  • Then we returned that night and the following week began midterms, which was a horrible but also the best week of my life, ONLY because Harlee Keller visited us from the states for her spring break.
  • I had a whole itinerary planned, took her to all the tourist locations and Christian and I’s favorite spots for food. One place we really loved is Illegal Burger it is one of the best in the city, In Recoleta I recommend 10/10, they even have veggie burgers! We all went to a Ballet and the Theater Colon one of the best theaters in the world and the ballet was so fancy and nice. Great butts those dancers have!
  • That week with Harlee was so much fun and amazing, I was so happy we got to show her around the city. It was interesting because she spoke more French than Spanish here. I hope she had a blast. I love and miss her dearly.
  • Lastly we just finished our spring break Christian and I just spent the week recovering from Harlee’s visit.

Those were the main events that has happened in the last couple of weeks here in Argentina, I am having so much fun. I still get thrown off because I am actually here. There was others things that has happened within these weeks but those will be saved for a later date or when I go back to the states. Now I hope this was a good read and I am sorry I took so long. Best wishes, Chao!

P.S. here is a lot of pictures! Enjoy! Also lots of other photos on my facebook!

IMG_3093 IMG_3094 IMG_3095 IMG_3096 IMG_3097


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Welcome to Argentina Part 2

I will try not to make this post long. Because quite a lot has happened since I last updated. I will do brief bullet points as a summary.

  • Went to a restaurant called Burger Joint and by far the best meal I have had here in Buenos Aires. I had a veggie burger
  • I was on the fence of breaking my vegetarianism just while I am here because it is incredibly difficult to find vegetarian options here. So in the end I decided I will only consume chicken in small portions.
  • We went to one of the many parks here in the city it had a huge rose garden it was beyond gorgeous.
  • One can practically get any food Delivered here it is seriously the best. The times christian and I were to lazy to go out we just ordered in food, we have had ice cream, pizza, chinese, and Burger King.
  • Then one day we went to the widest street in the country ! It is huge and really cool! It felt surreal being in the middle of the street. The street is calle
  • Then the night before our program orientation we went to dinner at like 11 pm it was crazy, because there was so many people out. I realized that is the time everyone goes to dinner. There were people of all ages out having dinner, families, young people, and elderly people. It was so strange compared to the states.

That has been the sum up of the last two weeks. Just trying to get around this huge city. We have only explored a quarter of it. But so far everything has been awesome. The sun has been shining and we start classes tomorrow. I am excited but not excited to wake up early. Thanks for reading talk to you soon!

p.s. enjoy these pictures we took

burger joint
burger joint

burger joint  2


9 de julio street
9 de julio street

Welcome To Argentina Part 1

Hello and Welcome back to my travel blog!

Well Christian and I have arrived to buenos in this post I will be mentioning our airplane trip and our arrival. I left home to LAX about  5 hours earlier because my family and I had to beat LA traffic and it was my mothers birthday and she wanted to have one last dinner before I departed. We arrived to LAX and my family decided to walk to the check in desk to wait for Christian we waited a good 30 min for him


He was on the complete opposite side of the airport than I. Finally he arrived and we said our goodbyes.

Keep in mind we were both early by about 2 hours. We checked in and then went through security and wondered around looking for things to occupy our time and once we decided to go to our boarding gate we were apparently running late! We almost missed the flight and we thought we were on time!

Now for the flight from LAX to Peru to Argentina. It was not as horrid as I originally thought. I slept the first plane mostly and watched and film and on once we landed in dry hot Peru I recharged all my electronics and boarded the final flight to our destination! I used my laptop to watch shows most of the time so it was nice.


Then we arrived! It was crazy once we landed we headed to immigration then security, picked up our luggage then headed to the driver christian previously set up to take us to our final destination  the apartment we are renting while we are here! It was a nice trip. We have done quite a few things since we have arrived and that will be continued next time! Talk to you soon!


Pre departure

Hello fellow friends!

I am leaving January 14th to Buenos Aires, Argentina. My pre departure has been one of the most stressful things I have gone through. I had to get a brand new passport, deal with my financial aid, attempt and fail at a private loan, figure out what to do with all my things in my dorm, and figure out where to go for storage. Plus keep up with my classes, book a flight and all those mini stressful things. But all that is done and over with I am now ready to take my semester abroad. I am going with my partner Christian. We are taking some similar classes but two different parts of the program. The program we are going with is CEA study abroad. The pre departure requirements for the program were not that stressful. I will be taking spanish classes abroad too, I am nervous for those. Pre departure was very stressful but we were able to go through it. I had to buy a new suitcase. (well my mother bought me the suitcase) Here it is:IMG_2740

I plan to pack for 2-3 weeks that way I won’t pass the 50 pound mark that the airline has set up.  There is also a pillow my good friend made for me to take abroad it has pictures of close friends and my family. Great christmas present! Well that was my pre departure experience, very stressful but worth it! I leave jan 14th late at night and arrive in the morning to Buenos Aires. I will update once I am settled in with plenty of pictures to show! Hope you will stick with me on my journey!

Robert P!


This is christian and I!